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FDR-415-1.34 ZENOAH G43L 41.5 cc 40 to 1 Two Cycle Engine Kit 1.97 HP

FDR-415-1.34 ZENOAH G43L 41.5 cc 40 to 1 Two Cycle Engine Kit 1.97 HP
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Sale Price: $354.24
Compared at: $559.00
You Save: $204.76
Product ID : 6270
Manufacturer: Staton-Inc
Weight: 22.00 lbs



Friction Drive Rear Mount Kit includes a 1.34" drive roller the ZENOAH G43L made in JAPAN, 41.5 cc 40 to 1 Two Cycle Engine Kit 1.97 HP. Has 23% more power then the Honda GX35.

The ID of the channel is 3.4" wide.

This is a Very HIGH Quality two Cycle engine made in JAPAN (not China) that should give you many years of use.

This engine comes with the tune able/adjustable Walbro WYK-93 carburetor. (I would NOT mess with it as they are factory set, but can be adjusted).  The air filter is integrated with screw-on locking top and comes as shown in the photos.  The air filter can easily be replaced with another style if desired.

Be sure and add some two cycle oil to your order.  

You will need to mix the two cycle oil and unleaded gas at a 40 parts gas / 1 part oil.  

Put 3.2 oz of two cycle oil to one gallon of unleaded gas 87 to 93 Octane.

The Drive roller is 1.34" will have 12mm x 1.50 male right hand threads.

The most common size for this engine is: 1.34" or 1-1/8".

This is a complete rear mount friction drive kit that will mount to most Bicycles.

The kit includes:

One:  ZENOAH G43L 41.5 cc, 40 to 1 mix ratio Very High Quality Two Cycle Engine Kit with 1.97HP with engine manual.

Note:  The Stop Switch is on the engine.  No remote switch comes with this kit.  You can add one and wire it in.

One: Custom made 60" long throttle cable with the small lever & #16 mini hose clamp.

Four: 8” long Black Nylon ties to secure the throttle cable and stop switch wire to the frame.

Two: ¼” x ¾” x 15” long Aluminum flat bar, CNC machined and Black Anodized.

One: Alloy Skewer - Quick Release, 5m -.80 x 161mm with channel spacers and hardware.

One: "U" Bracket with backer plate, zinc plated with hardware

Four: 6mm x 1.0 x 40 mm Hex Head Bolts.

One: Engine spacer 1.16" tall, steel, zinc plated.

One: 76 mm Clutch Drum / clutch bell a 12mm x 1.50 female right hand threads, zinc plated.

One: 1/4" thick Aluminum Extrusion channel that is CNC machined and Anodized Black.

( not a bent thin piece of steel like the others that have tried to copy my product )

Two: 5/8” ID x 1-3/8" OD x 7/16" wide High Speed Double Sealed Ball Bearings with retaining ring.

Note:  I would highly recommend the up graded bearings due to the Very High Speed this engine can run.  7,500 rpms at 1.97 HP and Max rpm 12,000.  Click on the link below and add it to the cart.

If you want to Up Grade the Bearings to the High Quality made in Taiwan bearings CLICK HERE

We use one High Speed Double Sealed Ball Bearing on each side of the Drive Roller to support it and remove all the pressure off the engine.

Most customers will need to order the 1-1/8" or 1.34" Max OD drive roller.

If you want LESS top speed, more pulling power for hills and bucking the wind pick a smaller drive roller.

If you want a FASTER top speed, less pulling power on hills and bucking the wind pick a larger drive roller. 

Keep in mind the larger the drive roller you will have to assit pedal the bike up hills and high winds.

The .930" drive roller is good for riders over 250 lbs and / or if you have lots of hills with a top speed of about 22 mph. Mostly used with engines 1.10 HP and Higher.  I would NOT use this small od drive roller with this powerful 1.97 HP engine.

The 1" drive roller is good for riders up to 200 lbs and some hills top speed is about 25 - 27 mph.  Mostly used with engines 1.10 HP and Higher.

The 1-1/8" drive roller is the standard and most common size for riders up to 280 lbs with mostly flat ground that want a fast top speed about 30 mph. Mostly used with engines 1.60 HP and Higher.

The 1.34" drive roller and for riders 200 lbs or less and mostly flat ground 37+ mph. Mostly used with engines 2.0 HP and Higher.


Total Displacement: 41.5cc

Bore: 40 mm

Stroke: 33 mm

Piston Rings: 2

Compression: 7.5

Carburetor: Walbro WYK-93

Two Cycle Oil Mixture: 40:1

Horsepower: 1.97 hp at 7,500 rpm

Torque: 1.66 lb ft at 5500 rpm

Clutch Diameter: 78 mm

Spark Plug: NGK BM7A

Approx.  Idle RPM: 2,500 rpm

Approx. Max RPM: 12,000

Engine Weight only: 6.5 lbs (2.96kg)

Customer comment:  1-3-17
Hi Dave, just completed a cross country bicycle tour from northern Indiana to Tallahassee, Florida, total milage 987 miles.
I have the Staton friction drive kit with the Zenoah G430 engine, the engine ran flawlessly, burned about 5 gallons of fuel, thank you for a rock solid kit.
The tire perform flawlessly, no tread wear at all, the tires are HD 2 kevlar Bontrager, 700 x 35, running 60 psi.
I did have 3 flats due to some sharp nails, also running green slime in tubes, that helped a lot, lots of debris on the roadsides, by all means you can post my comment.




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