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Schwinn Meridian kit with the Honda GX35 35.8 cc 1.60 hp Four Cycle Trike Engine - Motor Kit

Schwinn Meridian kit with the Honda GX35 35.8 cc 1.60 hp Four Cycle Trike Engine - Motor Kit
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Price: $579.00
Sale Price: $529.00
You Save: $50.00
Manufacturer: Staton-Inc
Product ID: 3387
Weight: 35.00 lbs
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Axle Size - OD : 16.85 mm Schwinn Meridian
15 mm Frame Similar to Schwinn Meridian
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Schwinn Meridian Trike kit with the Honda GX35 35.8 cc 1.60 hp Four Cycle engine - motor with the complete Gear & Chain Drive kit.

You can pedal the trike with the engine or just let the engine pull you.

If you want to pedal the trike the drive chain back to the gearbox and engine will not even turn, so Zero drap while peddeling or coasting.

No levers or turn or move once it's installed.  

No extra wear on the tires as the axle is driven with a chain and sprocket.

The engine kits mounts low under the basket so you have full use of the basket.

This kit uses the Outside drive 18.75 to 1 gear box with the Honda GX35 with the factory mounted tank.

Bolt on bracket, includes a 16 tooth freewheel sprocket on the 16.85 mm or .6655" adapter wit 6 mm x .25" x 25 mm long key and a 10 tooth sprocket on the gearbox to get a top speed of about 23 mph.

The Kent trike is similar to the Schwinn Meridian Trike but has a 15mm ID - 4mm keyway.

Depending on your weight and riding conditions, other sprocket ratios - speed available, just let use know what you need.
We can decrease the top speed to 11 mph hour if you need to climb a steep hill.

This trike has 26" wheels, so You must slow way down on turns or the trike will flip over.

Ride at you own risk.

The Schwinn Meridian Trike is NOT included but is sold by most www.WalMart.com  or www.Sams.com

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