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.930" Drive Roller 76 mm Clutch Rotor / 78 mm Clutch Drum Friction Drive Kit Complete less the Engine

.930" Drive Roller 76 mm Clutch Rotor / 78 mm Clutch Drum Friction Drive Kit Complete less the Engine
Click over image to enlarge
Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $124.00
You Save: $75.00
Manufacturer: Staton-Inc
Product ID: 3312
Weight: 12.00 lbs
Special Offer
Buy 3 - 5 get 5.00000 % off
More images
Click over image to enlarge
Style : Rear Mount
Front Mount - Trike
Engine Brand - Size : Robin Subaru EH035 76 mm clutch rotor
Tanaka PF-4000 76 mm clutch rotor
Mitsubishi TLE43 or TLE33 76 mm clutch rotor
Honda GX35 or GX31 76 mm clutch rotor
China made or non Listed engine 76 mm clutch rotor
Customer Comment :
Quantity :

.930" Drive Roller.  76 mm Clutch Rotor / 78 mm Clutch Drum / clutch bell.  Friction Drive, Rear or Front Mount Kit.  No engine or kill switch. 

If you want a front mount kit for a trike be sure and click on the front mount kit. 

Engine or kill switch is NOT Included.


Incluced in this kit:

One:  CNC Machined, Heat treated and Zinc Plated .930" Drive Roller with 3/8-16 Female threads.

If you want LESS top speed, more pulling power for hills and bucking the wind pick a smaller drive roller.

If you want a FASTER top speed, less pulling power on hills and bucking the wind pick a larger drive roller. 

Keep in mind the larger the drive roller you will have to assit pedal the bike up hills and high winds.

3/8-16 x 5/8" or 3/4" WHIZ LOCK Serrated Head Zinc Plated.

One:  Shaft Collar 5/8" ID x 1/2" Wide, steel - zinc plated.

One: Custom made 60" long throttle cable with the small lever & #16 mini hose clamp.

Four: 8” long Black Nylon ties to secure the throttle cable and kill switch wire to the frame.
The kill switch is NOT included.  Be sure and add the type you want to the order.

Two: ¼” x ¾” x 15.25” long Aluminum flat bar, CNC machined and Black Anodized.

One: Alloy Skewer - Quick Release, 5m -.80 x 161mm with channel spacers and hardware.

One: "U" Bracket with backer plate, zinc plated with hardware

Four: 6mm x 1.0 Hex Head Bolts 8.8 grade bolts.

One: Engine Spacer, CNC machined and made out of steel, zinc plated.  This keeps water from getting into the clutch rotor, more secure mounting of the engine and used for safety.

One: 76 mm Clutch Drum with 1/2".

One: 1/4" thick Aluminum Extrusion channel that is CNC machined and Anodized Black.

(not a bent thin piece of steel like the others that have tried to copy my product)

Two 5/8” ID x 1-3/8" OD x 7/16" wide High Speed Double Sealed Ball Bearings with retaining ring.

We use one High Speed Double Sealed Ball Bearing on each side of the Drive Roller to support it and remove all the pressure off the engine.
If you want to up grade the bearing that are made in Japan, be sure and add it to your order.


Rear mount kits will come with a 60" long throttle cable with the small black lever and hose clamp.

If you have a Ladies Frame bike you will need approxixatly 68" throttle cable.

Some folding bikes like the 20" Dahon need a 72" long throttle due to the way the frame and long up raise on the handle bars. 

Front mount kits should be put on Trikes only will come with a 30" long throttle cable with the small black lever and hose clamp.

This kit includes everything except the ENGINE & KILL SWITCH

If you would like to order a kill switch, click on one of the links below to add them to your order.

Toggle switch only - Click Here

Toggle switch with wire - Click Here

Push Button Kill Switch - Click Here

High Quality Kill Switch only - Click Here

High Quality Kill Switch with 60" wire - Click Here

High Quality Kill Switch with 90" wire - Click Here

If you have a 1.60HP Engine and up to 280 lb. rider, mostly flat ground and some rolling hills the 1-1/8" drive roller is the one to pick. 

Lighter riders will take off faster and it will pull the hills better.  You allways can pedal the bike at any time. 

Be sure and let us know if you have the Robin Subaru EH035, TANAKA PF-4000 Tanaka 33 & 35 cc, TLE33 33cc, or TLE43 42.7cc, Honda GX31, Honda GX35. 

This kit will also fit some of the China made engines with the same clutch rotor and bolt pattern as the above listed engines.

Note: We can only make a throttle cable for the engines that we sell or know what type of throttle cable you need. 

If you have a China made engine or one that is not listed, you will get a cable and a #48 brass end for you to solder onto the cable. 
Measure twice, cut once!!!


NOTE:  This listing is for the .930" Drive Roller ONLY. 

If you need a different size, be sure and add the correct listing to the cart.

If you want to use the Honda GXH50 you will have to add the parts below.

Throttle cable Assembly for Honda GXH50 QXA - Click Here


Honda GXH50 QXA Clutch Adapter kit. - Click Here

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