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Scott 12, 24 or 36 Volt DC Motor and 11.25 to 1 Gear Box

Scott 12, 24 or 36 Volt DC Motor and 11.25 to 1 Gear Box
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We have left this item posted for reading and information ONLY. 

We do not have any of the Scott motors in stock or have any other information other then what is listed on this page.

We can custom design and manufacture gearboxes for other brands of electric motors or gas engines.  The min order qty is 6.

Gear Box with a 11.25 to 1 reduction and includes the Scott 1+ HP 12 to 36 Volt DC electric motor.  If motor rpm is 2,800 div. 11.25 = 248.8 rpm.

The gear box will keep you from having a very small sprocket on the motor and a huge sprocket on the drive.  Depending on your need and the project you need this for your sprocket ratios can be small OD.  Also the chain will be turning 11.25 times slower, so the chain will last longer, it won't have the noise or chain lash.

The gear box was CNC Machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum.

All gears are 1/2" thick and heat treated.

It has Six 5/8" ID Double Sealed Ball Bearings.  We have added two more high speed double sealed ball bearings to support the shaft of the motor.

The gear box has Dual output shafts that are zinc plated and have a  3/16" key way along with two snap rings groves to hold the sprocket or pulley in place and also used as a safety to hold in the key way.  Even if a set screws come out on the sprocket or pulley, the snap ring would hold it in place and keep the key from coming out.

We have machined in two 3/16" x 3/4" long location pins to hold the gear centers. All Four gears are Heat treated and should last a Life Time.  We add 6 - 8 oz of the Cam 2 Ultra 580 EP #1 Extreme Performance Synthetic Grease.
This Synthetic Grease is more efficient and less drag then most types of grease.

It has two 3/8" mounting fulcrums.  You can run a 3/8" bolt to mount or pivot the gear box / motor.

It has Dual output shafts, one on each side of the gear case.

You can use the dual shaft to make a Two speed or other uses.

Pictures showing the two speed, pulley, sprocket and mounting brackets are not included.
You will have to buy other parts to complete your project.

More info about the motor used below. 

The Scott motor (MFG. IN USA) will be bolted to the gear box when it arrives. 

Horsepower Rating: Over 1+ Continuous

Efficiency target RPM: 2800 to 3000
Voltage: 12-24 (or even 36 Volts)
Amps: 40+ amps Continuous

Weight: 14.1 lbs. (9 lbs lighter than the Etek and Lynch motor and over 15 lbs lighter than the Perm-132 motor)
These motors are ideal for Electric Vehicles up to 500 lbs. including Driver weight.
The Shaft is 2" long, 5/8" Diameter, 3/16" Keyway

This motor is one of the best motors at an affordable price ever built!  Only 14.1 lbs, with a large Aluminum Face Plate, Vented End Cap and Special Brushes that allows this motor to run much cooler and More Efficient! 

"Cloud Electric" has developed this motor in conjunction with the "Scott Motor Company" using special custom End Caps, a new Face Plate and Special High Cooper Brushes. 

"Cloud Electric " has years of experience and accomplishments in Electrathon Racing, and have now brought  this motor to life!  In the past there have been other "Custom Built" Scott motors but Cloud EV has gone further to bring you a very good affordable "Electrathon" motor. 

Since the Etek is no longer available, the Perm-Motor is too heavy and not as efficient at low voltage and the Lynch motors are very expensive and hard to get, this new light weight affordable motor is the answer for "Electrathons".  It would also be very good for other small EV's such as Go-Karts and Scooters.

Note:  The brushes in this motor can wear a little more than the standard brushes but give this motor some of it's higher efficiency.  They will still give you years of Electrathon use. We supply replacement brushes and an instruction sheet on simple brush Replacement.  We stock replacement parts for this motor including armatures, brushes and bearings.

Used on Electrathons, Electric Motorcycles, Scooters, and general industrial applications.
There are no more specifications or data charts for this motor other then what is listed in the description.  This is a custom built motor for a specific application.  All we can say is that it is better than the Scott 1hp motor.

Reliability is higher than separately excited field motors due to fewer electronic parts and no possibility of shorting out the field. They operate more efficiently at lower speed control than separately excited field motors as well, and produce more horsepower in a smaller, lighter motor. Horsepower ratings on these motors are the nominal rating at the motors most efficient operation. Each motor can deliver considerably higher HP for intermittent periods during actual use.

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