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New Electric Assist 24 Volt 600 Watt Plus Engine

New Electric Assist 24 Volt 600 Watt Plus Engine
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Note:  This is for information only.  Showing what can be done using an electric motor along with our gearbox and engine.

Electric Motor Assist 24 Volt 600 Watt about 0.80 hp Plus the Gas Engine Power.

You also could use the smaller 24 Volt 450 Watt motor that has about .60 hp.

The Electric motor has a 15 tooth #25 sprocket with a sprag or one way clutch machined into the hub, so it only turns the gear box when you hit the throttle.

The Gear box has a short shaft that comes out of the gear box 5/8" or 1/2" OD that you can add another #25 sprocket (we are testing with a 18 tooth) and the electric motor will turn it in side the gear box at a 3.75 to 1 reduction. 

18 div. by 15 = 1.20 x 3.75 (60 tooth gear div. by 16 tooth gear = 3.75) = 4.50  2,600 rpms div. by 4.50 = 577 output rpms.

The engines turn @ Max around 7,000 div. by 18.75 = 373.3 rpm.
You would need a 28 tooth on the gear box in order to match the same rpms. 

This is where more testing as the days go by that we will find out the best ratio for these two sizes of motors.

You would need two 12 volt batteries, a controller and thumb throttle.

When the gas engine is being used it does not turn the electric motor.

You can use the electric motor only or with the gas engine for the extra boost of power.

This was posted 9-8-10. 

9-15-10  Test rode today.  The Electric motor pulled a 260 lb rider plus the weight of the Tanaka 47R 2.80 HP Two Cycle Engine,

the gear and chain drive system plus the weight of the electric motor, two 12 Volt 18 AH batteries and the controller.

We have the speed with the electric drive right on the money with 16 to 20 mph.

The Tanaka 47R engine is way too much engine for this trike and will lift the front wheel off the ground due the seat being all the way back and all the weight being placed where it is. 

Again, this was just a TEST to see how the electric motor option would work with the gas engine.

A Honda GX35 35.8cc 1.60 HP with the electric assist would give you the extra boost to take off real fast to cross a intersection or to pull a very steep hill.

The Electric motor will also move the unit 100% under it's own power so you can ride silent out of a neighborhood or through a park where a gas engine would not be allowed.

We are fully charging the two batteries as they have set for months, so if any thing as are test results will be much better then listed above.

You can go with a Outside or Inside Drive

Below is a YouTube video of this trike.


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