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Axle Mount Honda GX35 35.8 cc 1.60 HP Four Cycle

Axle Mount Honda GX35 35.8 cc 1.60 HP Four Cycle
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Sale Price: $569.00
Compared at: $659.00
You Save: $90.00
Product ID : 3610
Manufacturer: Staton-Inc
Weight: 26.00 lbs


36 Hole 14 gage - Standard Gage
36 Hole 12 gage - Heavy Duty Gage
48 Hole 14 gage - Standard Gage
32 Hole 14 gage - Standard Gage
135mm or 5.315" to 140 mm or 5.512” good for 5 to 8 Speed Freewheels
110 mm or 4.33” - Single Speed Freewheel
22.2 mph 10 Tooth 25-3/8" Chain
24.5 mph 11 Tooth 25-3/8" Chain
25.7 mph 12 Tooth 25-3/8" Chain
28.0 mph 13 Tooth 26-1/8" Chain
31.5 mph 14 Tooth 26-1/8" Chain


Honda GX35 35.8 cc 1.60 HP Four Cycle Axle Mounted Gear & Chain Drive kit with the factory tank. 

This kit can be used with wheel sizes from 20" to 28".

Below is a customer comment we received on 3-7-11. 

Hi Dave

I will send the pictures you asked for a little later, rain today.
Not many miles yet, around 150-200.
What do I think of the kit? I can answer the question this way.
I have six motorized bicycles ( I have sold several nice motorized
bicycles but kept those I like the best, one has won car show awards).
Of the six, my choice for everyday use is this bike with the axle
mount. You did a great job on this one Dave and the quality is of the
finest I have seen. Do I like the kit?, you bet I do.

   Positive: solid reliability, fairly quiet (much quieter than most),
mounts low -good for handling and no heat from engine or exhaust. Over
all feeling that I can just enjoy the ride with out tinkering.

   Negative: Not really anything. I could be picky and say some gear
noise. I have seen the strong gears so when I hear them I am reminded
how well it is made. To me the gear noise is low and not the least
concern.  (note from S-I 99% gear noise will should go away in another 200 miles of riding.  I will check back with the customer and post his direct comment in the next 90 days or so.) 

If I were to say the engine protrudes out too far, that too
is not a concern for me because it fits nicely under the saddle bags.

   Hope I have given clear answers,if not please feel free to ask
again or anything else you like to ask.

   Dave you are very good to do business with and I like your
attitude. You are also welcome to use anything I have written here on
your website if you wish and that includes the pictures. Should you
want to use me as a reference you are welcome to do that also. After
you screen the person they can call me.

   We need people who run a business as you do. With the cost of
transportation going up in all directions, you could offer an
important service and am pleased to support it asking nothing in

   I will try to send the pictures soon.

  Best Regards

  Bill S.

These will mount on all types of bikes and tadpole trikes. With the engine mounted about 14" lower on a 26” wheel, the noise is much less and the center of gravity is great. Every customer that has ordered one of these and has installed it LOVES the kit.

This kit includes the following parts:

One: Small Black throttle lever with #16 mini hose clamp and 60” throttle cable with custom end to fit the engine.

One: Remote Stop - Kill Switch with wire and connecting ends to match engine.
Four: 8” Nylon Black Zip ties to hold the throttle cable and wire to the frame.

Choice of Staton Custom Hub:  Made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum. 
It has Four high speed double sealed ball bearing, (two on each side), two 12 mm snap rings to hold the axle in place, two, 10 mm x 1.0 flange nuts, one 10 mm x 1.0 hex nut, three 10 mm flat washers to be used as spacers if needed and one: Steel axle kit spacer.
One: Staton Axle CNC machined out of 41L42 CRS and zinc plated.
Pick the axle width from the box above.

NOTE: The Complete wheel is NOT included in the kit. You will need to re lace your old rim and move your freewheel over to your new wheel. If you want a Complete wheel be sure and add that to your order.

One: 4.28 to 1 gear box CNC Machined out of 6061-T6 Aluminum with Black anodizing.

One: 60 tooth #35 sprocket, machined to fit a left hand freewheel sprocket and mounting bolts & nuts.
Note: We have moved the sprocket to the inside to allow more room to attach the bracket. See the last picture.

One: Pick one of the #35 Sprockets from the speed chart.  These are machined to .505" width and comes with   a 5/8” ID and 3/16” key way.  If you extra sprockets be sure and add them to the order.  Make sure you order the machined #35 sprockets that are .505" wide.

Note:  The speed chart is for a 26" wheel: 
If you have a 20" wheel your speed would be 30% Slower then the listed speed.  14 tooth = 22.05 mph
If you have a 24" wheel your speed would be   8% Slower then the listed speed.  14 tooth = 28.98 mph
If you have a 27" wheel your speed would be   4% Faster then the listed speed.  14 tooth = 32.76 mph
If you have a 28" wheel your speed would be   8% Faster then the listed speed.  14 tooth = 34.02 mph

Use the Customer comment to type in a note along with the order.

Remember, the faster your top speed is the less hill climbing or take power you have.  If you have lots of hills 200 lbs or less go with 12 tooth or smaller depending on you weight and how steep the hills are.

If your weight is 160 to 190 lbs mostly flat ground or rolling hills go with a 13 to 15 tooth.
If your weight is 160 or less with flat grounds you could go with the 16 tooth, but you will have to pedal when you take off and is really too fast for most people.  The 15 tooth would be the largest to use for most customers with a 1.60 hp engine.  The 14 tooth would be the most used.

One: Length of Chain #35 Chain.

One: #35 Master Link - Connecting Link.

Two: 9/16” ID Double sealed ball bearing to support the Shaft - Pinion Gear with 14 teeth, 9/16-18 right hand threads.

One: CNC machined Clutch Drum with 9/16-18 right hand threads and two pre drilled holes to install - remove the clutch drum without having to split the gear case.

Two: 5/8” ID high speed double sealed ball bearing to support the output shaft.

One: 5/8” OD output shaft with 3/16” key way and snap ring grove.

One: 60 tooth Gear with ¾” ID and 3/16” key way.

Two: 3/16” x 3/16” x ½” keys.
One: 5/8” OD snap ring (and spacers if needed to position sprocket)
Six: ¼-20-1-½” Socket Head Cap Screws (they hold the gear case together)
One:  6mm x 1.0 x 65mm Socket Head Cap Screw it holds the gear case together and goes into the engine face.

Three:  6mm x 1.0 x 30 mm Socket Head Cap Screws. (they bolt the gear box to the engine face)

Three:  1/4 NPT HEX SOC PIPE tapered PLUG PLATED, one has a 1/16" hole drilled to Vent the gear  box. 
With the NPT plugs you can remove the engine without splitting the gear case.

One:  2” x 3” x 3/16” x 7” Axle Bracket, Aluminum with Black anodizing.

One:  ¼” x 1” x 7” Flat Bar - Brace Aluminum with Black anodizing

One:  # 16 Hose Clamp

Six:   ¼-20 x 3/4” Socket Head Cap Screws

Eight: 6mm Flat washers Two: 6mm x 20 mm Socket Head Cap Screws.

One:  3/16" Flat washer

Two:  6mm x 1.0 x 20mm Socket Head Cap Screws

Two:  6mm x 1.0 x 18mm Hex Head Bolts

Be sure and add oil to the engine and read the engine manual.

Note:  This is the same product as # 3612 & #3721 just showing different pictures.

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