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Motorized Wheelbarrow 10 CF Honda GX35 Four Cycle Engine with Differential with Turf Tires

Motorized Wheelbarrow 10 CF Honda GX35 Four Cycle Engine with Differential with Turf Tires
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Sale Price: $1,028.00
Compared at: $1,348.00
You Save: $320.00
Product ID : 3391
Manufacturer: Staton-Inc
Weight: 150.00 lbs


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10 Cubic Feet Motorized Wheelbarrow, 1" Differential with the engine and gearbox mounted under the tub to keep it clean.  This model also has No Flat Rear Tires.

Don't let the small Honda GX35 35.8cc 1.60 hp Four Cycle Engine fool you.

With the engine and gearbox under the tub it keeps the engine out of the way and you can start it from the rear where your throttle control and kill switch is mounted.

It very easy to change the air filter, add oil and gas.  It also has a very simple chain adjustment located by the front left wheel.

The #40 9 tooth sprocket on the gearbox is held on with two set screws and has a snap ring grove and snap ring to make sure the key does not come out.

This unit will have a #41 B 48 tooth sprocket attached to the differential and a #40 B 9 tooth 5/8" on the gearbox. 

The #40 48 tooth sprocket clears the ground by 3-7/8".  The bottom of the gas tank on the engine clears the ground by 7-1/2".

When it's mated to the Staton-Inc 18.75 to 1 reduction gearbox it will pull / move just about any thing you can get in the tub.

Be sure and watch the new youtube videos.

First look on the drive way.


No Operator, The wheelbarrow has 320 lbs in the tub. 

The best video would have been watching me run up that hill chasing the motorized wheelbarrow with the throttle wide open once it topped the hill.  It's pretty fast!

Thad + 320 lbs = 460 Lbs Going Up Hill

See how the differential unit can spin around by lifting or pushing down on the handles to turn it left or right.


Keep in mind all these videos were taken the same day and the has only been ran doing these test. 

These engines gain 27% more power after the are broke in.

Both front wheels pull for extra traction and have a 6" wide foot print, the rear wheels have a 3.5" foot print.

Having 4 wheels and 19" of tread on the ground, makes going on soft ground, deep grass, sand or wet conditions super smooth.


No brake so you must use on flat ground and block the wheel and or chain up when not in use. 

You can add the brake option at an extra cost.

Under side differential, Brake & Braces Staton-Inc Motorized Wheelbarrow

You can also buy a 14 - 16 gage steel plate and place under the tub.  This will add strength to the frame and support the bottom of the tub.  NOTE:  In the last picture of the metal plate but it is NOT included.

I hope to get some made so customers can add these as a Option installed by the customer.

This unit comes with the raised handle bar kit and the X frame Brace and New 1/2-13 All thread Rod Axle to Axle supports.

4-25-15  This unit pictured above was delivered to a Landscaper in Oklahoma. 

I will post his comments good or bad as soon as he makes some.

4-26-15  It's great my guys love it.  I'll think we'll be using it daily.  I'll send a video next time we use it.


3-25-15  I just had a Landscaper - concrete contractor that has two of these for 3-4 years and wanting a 3rd one.  

He made a comment that this was the BEST investment he's made in 28 years of business!  Great for the back!.

Home owners, Landscapers, Contractors (this will fit in the front door for tear out), Roofers (to carry gravel and asphalt), Brick and Rock Layers, Concrete Contractors (use this for small jobs to get places where larger equipment can't), Plumbers, Tile layers (carry out & carry in), Great to carry fire wood, Build walk paths, Zoo's, Farm Use (you can do a million things with this on a farm), Great to clean up horse, cattle, pigs, goats and sheep Stall's and Barns.

I could go on and on about the things that can be done with this machine. But I bet you have just thought of a few more...

Note: A Human can put out .20 hp or 1/5 hp to .30 hp or 1/3 hp and only for a short period of time.

If you own a business, buy one of these and watch how much faster the work can be done and with a whole lot LESS work. This will pay for it's self several times.

One person can load this in a Truck. You can also drive it up ramps... you don't need to pull a trailer just to move the equipment.

4-25-15  Note: All the details below are subject to change.

The 10 Cubic Foot Black Tub is 35-5/8" wide at the top.

The 10 CF BLACK tub is about 33" about the ground.
The upper steering handles and throttle lever is 37-1/2" from the ground.
The end of the lower handles (used for dumping) are 27-1/2" from the ground.
The Front Drive axle is 1” OD and Drives TWO truf tires 6" wide, rated to carry a 620 pound load on each front tire.

Max load for the tub is around 400 lbs.

Both wheels, and the sprocket is held in place by a ¼” key.

This small engine along with the Staton-Inc gear reduction box can put out 5 to 10 times more hp depending on the engine and it does not get tired!

Remember, this is a quiet, very easy to start, ( do not over pull the rope or pull it very hard ) very high quality Honda GX35 Four Cycle engine.

Plus you don't carry any of the load, all you do is steer it and hit the throttle.

Ground Speed: A centrifugal clutch allows the engine to keep running, and ground speed can be a snails pace or a very Brisk walk.

Both front wheels pull, so when you need to turn, just push to the side or lift up a little on the handle bars and the rear ribbed tires will slide on the across the ground and makes turns very easy.

It has a remote engine stop switch by the handle bar.

The load is very well balanced, so when you ready to dump, lift on the lower handles.

The drive system has CNC machined gear box that has Six high speed double sealed ball bearings and a 5/8" output shaft. 

The front 1" OD solid 1018 steel axle has been CNC machined with Heavy Duty 1" Ext. Snap Rings with a Tensile Strength (PSI)  150,000 to hold the two drive wheels in place, snap rings to hold the 1" Pillow Bloack Bearings in place and a CNC machined 1/4" keyway. 

The Sprocket is held in place with two set screws and this also allows for the chain to be aligned.

We also CNC machined the Non Drive Axle with eight (8) heavy duty snap rings that hold the rear non drive wheels in place, snap rings side by side that hold the rear supports in place (and have removed the light sheet metal bracekt that came on the wheelbarrow) so it's easy to add gas, check the air filter and reach the starter rope. 

The 10 CF model has the Solid axle is 6 lbs 6 oz.

We CNC machined brackets that hold and postition the gearbox in place so nothing moves side to side and makes the unit very rigid.

We have a easy to use chain adjustment to raise and lower the gearbox.

This model will fit through a 36" gate.  The 10 CF tub is 35-5/8" wide.

The Engine and gearbox will be bolted together and installed on the wheelbarrow.  You will have to adjust the raised handle bars.

Add an Hour & Tach Meter Flash Alert Service Alarm:  CLICK HERE to view the Hour & Tach Meter

Do not throw or toss sharp or heavy objects into the tub or over load it. 

No warranty is on the tub.

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