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Tanaka Pure Fire PF-4000 (4210) 39.8 cc 2.2 hp Two Cycle

Tanaka Pure Fire PF-4000  (4210) 39.8 cc 2.2 hp Two Cycle
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4-9-18  Note:  Tanaka is no longer selling the PF-4000 engines alone. 

A similar engine is the Zenoah G43L - Click here for this engine

The Zenoah uses the same throttle cable and kill switch connections.

Tanaka Pure Fire PF-4000 ( 4210 ) 39.8 cc 2.2 hp two cycle engine made in Japan. Mix at a 50:1 ratio. 

UTILITY ENGINE RELATED Cylinder Plating: Chrome
Piston Rings: 2
Displacement (cc): 40 Bore X Stroke (mm): 39.8 x 32
Compression Ratio: 7.2:1 Maximum H.P.: 2.2 Maximum
Torque KG M Ft. Lbs.: 0.21 (1.5) @ 5500 rpm Idling RPM: 3000+/- 200
Rotation (Recoil Side): Clockwise Fuel Capacity - FL. OZ. (CC): 1000 (33.8)
Primer Bulb: Yes
Clutch Rotor = two shoes & spring, Diameter: 76 mm clutch Rotor uses a 78 mm Drum not included.
Spark Plug: CJ8Y (Champion)
Ignition System: TCI Engine
Dimentions - LxWxH (mm): 171 x 256 x 270
Engine Weight - Lbs. (KG): 8.2 (3.7)
MISC. EPA Phase 2
Compliant: yes
C.A.R.B. Tier II Compliant: yes
Gas / Oil Ratio: 50:1

Two-year commercial use warranty
Three-year consumer use warranty
One-year rental use warranty

On March 1, 1998, Tanaka became the first two-stroke manufacturer to certify to the stringent C.A.R.B. Tier II emissions regulations. While most other manufacturers tried to fight the  standard and say that it could not be done with two-stroke, Tanaka said, "WE DID IT!"

Today, all Tanaka products comply with EPA phase 2 regulations and all Tanaka product groups are C.A.R.B Tier II compliant.

 PureFire Click Here to see Demo.

Tanaka's innovative two-stroke engine, produces ultra-low emissions without the need for special or additional internal moving parts.

Many people ask us, "When is Tanaka going to build a 4-cycle?" The answer is "We are not!" You don't have to switch to 4-cycle!

Two-stroke is not going away. As other manufacturers push lackluster performing 4-cycle products, Tanaka is committed to providing you with two-stroke powered products now and for the future.

Less moving parts, better power-to-weight, and outstanding throttle response are just a few of the advantages Tanaka products have over 4-cycle or hybrid 4-cycle powered products. Here are some more:

1. Service Costs
Due to the design elements and the additional internal components, labor costs for service and repairs of 4-cycle engines are considerably higher.

2. Maintenance
Standard compact 4-cycle engines utilize oil reservoirs, however their extremely small capacity requires that the owner check it constantly and change it regularly. Since these engines do consume oil, the likelihood of lubrication related failure is significantly higher.

3. Power-to-Weight

Two-stroke engines are usually smaller in size and up to 30 percent lighter than compact 4-cycle engines with the same power rating.

4. Performance
Tanaka two-stroke engines provide more usable power and torque at RPMs most suitable for effectively powering handheld products.

5. Internal Components
Compact 4-cycle engines utilize four times the amount of components as Tanaka two-stroke engines. Many of which are moving and subject to excessive wear.


During the intake / compression stroke, the optimized scavenging system within the cylinder and crankcase walls, significantly increase the atomization of the fuel / air mixture which results in a much more efficient combustion process.

Then, in the combustion / exhaust stroke, the exhaust exits through a small catalytic converter in the muffler where the remaining hydrocarbons turn into carbon dioxide.

Tanaka Muffler # 6692463 TC-4700 & PF-4000.  Designed for TC-4700 but will also fit and reduce the noise about 15 to 20% on the PF-4000.

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