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Welcome to Staton-Inc.

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If you are considering a purchase of one of our motorized bicycles, scooters, trikes, or perhaps a motorized kit for your current bicycle, there is an excellent chance that Staton-Inc will have what you need.

We have been manufacturing high quality motorized bicycle kits since 1984.
We CNC machine our parts in house.

We have earned an enviable reputation for quality engineering; from the real world performance, durability and reliability of our products. Along with this well deserved reputation for the building of high quality products, Staton-Inc has set the industry benchmark for customer satisfaction and after sale support.

Our Staton-Inc motorized kits combine the best of the best. In addition to our own line of the highest quality components we select only the very best components from other industry leading manufacturers such as Honda, Robin Subaru, Tanaka, Mitsubishi, Zenoah and others.

Staton-Inc has manufactured the best friction drive, gear and chain drive and belt drive kits since 1984.

Many of customers have over 50,000+ miles on our kits - gear box and custom hubs.

Our gear and chain drive kits have been used by commercial rental fleets without a single incident – zero problems. Our gear box is so good it has a Life Time warranty on the gears depending on application.

Our friction drive kits have no equal. They are the finest friction drive kits currently produced.

Our kits will mount on all types of bikes regardless of suspension type.

Staton-Inc friction drive kits mount the same regardless of engine brand or size. Our friction drive kits offer complete flexibility. They can be upgraded to fit a larger engine.

In keeping with our policy of enabling a customer to build his own custom bike from scratch using Staton-Inc as his sole supplier we offer full suspension frames, standard frames, tandems, as well as tikes, scooters, fold-ups, low riders, joy riders, recumbents, micro bikes, rickshaws, four wheel cycles, etcetera; as well as complete bicycles from Sun Bicycles (available for local pick up only), J&B Importers, Trailmate Inc., Worksman Cycle, Dahon fold up bicycles and others.

Our Staton-Inc. motorized wheelbarrows and flat beds can move up to 1,000 pound or more depending on work surface, conditions, engine size and drive system. & &

“Staton-Inc since1984 motorized bicycles without equal.”